Havenlight is a new name in art for old friends. We’ve been in the business of helping people find inspiration through art since 1978. Today, we are a family of art service and publishing companies with the sole purpose of providing you access to the finest inspirational artists, experiences, and fine art products. We are artists, galleries, websites, printers, publishers and frame makers that can deliver you the entire palette of art, ranging from an inspiring set of Christmas Cards to the finest work of Original Art.

We first met as Frameworks or Repartee Gallery, when we were voted one of the Top Ten Frameshops in America. We learned customer service face to face on the gallery floor and custom framed our art knowing it would be displayed in the homes and businesses of our friends and families.

We started an art publishing company because we could not find the inspirational art our customers desired. Expanding into book, gift and other art-based goods was a simple evolution of serving the same desire. Today our reach may be a bit broader, but the quality and care of the custom framing offered though our websites and galleries is still created with the ideal that every customer is our neighbor.

You do not need to be an expert to select and enjoy a work of art, you simply need to choose a work that moves you. In doing so, it will illuminate the space in which it hangs and share that light of inspiration with those around you.

That’s what we do as well. We are Havenlight and our mission is art.   

Deseret Book

Since 1866, Deseret Book Company has been the market leader in the publishing, distribution and retailing of faith-based books, music, DVDs, religious art and home décor, and other lifestyle products serving, in particular, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Deseret Book’s purpose is to provide quality products that build faith, strengthen homes and families, ennoble personal virtues, and offer practical advice to religious and non-religious alike.

The company had its beginnings in 1866 when Elder George Q. Cannon, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, founded George Q. Cannon and Sons Company, which engaged in publishing and retail book sales. The business was located at No. 6 South Main Street in Salt Lake City. It remained at this location until 1901, when, on the death of Elder Cannon, it was purchased by the Deseret News and became the Deseret News Bookstore.

On October 1, 1919, the Deseret News Bookstore merged with the Deseret Sunday School Union bookstore and become Deseret Book Company, the name by which the organization is known today. In April of 1999, Deseret Management Corporation acquired Bookcraft, Inc., an independently owned publisher of LDS books and materials, and the publishing divisions of the two companies were combined. In late 2004, Excel Entertainment Group also joined the Deseret Book family, vastly expanding our ability to produce quality LDS music and media choices.

Deseret Book Company also is working to expanded our list of books that appeal to a values-based, general market through our Shadow Mountain imprint.

Deseret Book also has a full-service music and entertainment division and publishes some software, electronic products, and foreign translations of key titles. Deseret Book is both a publisher and retailer, and as such maintains a book club, retail stores, an online retail and informational Web site, and the Mormon Handicraft gift shops.


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